Business Terms and Conditions

Recruitment Service Fees/Charges :

After selection of candidate payment need to be made between 30 days(Maximum),on discussed rates as per market and company’s standard.

Replacement Guarantee :

In the eventually that a selected candidate resigns from the services on his / her own will within the first three months of joining, the consultant will be give a free replacement.

Free replacement will not be given if company “Terminates “ employee because of their own issues within first three months of joining .

Payment Schedule :

All bills to be submitted within 7 days of the candidate joining.

After selection of candidate payment need to be made between 30 days(Maximum).

No Candidate Will be Provided For Trial Purpose:

Please note that we don’t provide candidate for trial of one or two months for any position, once candidate is selected and if he joins the company ,payment needs to be made within 30 (Days).

Correspondence With Candidates

All correspondence with candidates including interview scheduling will be the responsibility of the Consultant. The Client will send information of a Candidate's rejection to the Consultant, and it will be the responsibility of the Consultant to inform the Candidates accordingly.

Offer Letter To The Candidates :

Upon the completion of the selection decision, the Client will inform the candidate of the selection through the Consultant. Contingent to this the Client will issue an offer letter to the candidate and upon his/her acceptance; convey the offered consolidated package to the Consultant for billing purposes.

Right On Candidate :

Candidates once sponsored by the consultant will be treated as their candidate, if absorbed for any position by the organization during the next six months.

Agreement Termination:

This agreement will terminate on the happening of any one or more of the following events: on the expiry of its term or if either party terminates this agreement by giving a prior notice of one month in writing to the other party or by mutual consent of the parties, without assigning any reason whatsoever.